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It’s a few days late here, but I just wnated to drop a short note regarding Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful day with my side of the family making the trip over to enjoy a wonderful meal and fellowship. We are so thankful for family all of the time, but especially during this holiday season when we actually take time to slow down and be thankful for all of our many wonderful blessings. The other thing that finally got taken care of was a new family photo. We tried at the hospital last week when Ben joined us, but we had three cameras there and not a one of them had a decent battery charge.

So, from our house to yours we would like to wish you a wonderful holiday season! Take time to enjoy your blessings including your family, friends and those people that care about you.

The family is quickly adjusting

Well…the family is quickly adjusting to the addition to the family. The kids are really enjoying Ben. (Especially Robert!) Robert enjoys every chance he gets to spend time with him. Jac of course has been waiting for this time since she was born. Tom, well, he’s warming up. Last night he actually went over and read a story to Ben (with help) and was so happy that Ben enjoyed it. So…we are all adjusting. Tom and Jac got an extra bonus in being able to stay home today due to having a fever yesterday, so they got a bonus. It is such a blessing to see siblings getting along so well.

The excitement never stops

What a day! Life ws finally trying to get back in a routine. We were taking off this afternoon to take Ben to the doctor, and then routine was going to set in again. THEN the phone rang at work. Jaclyn had to be taken home with a fever. Before the day was finished, Thomas had one as well! So…we now have a new baby, two sickies and an unfinished bathroom. I headed to town to pickup the prescriptions that were supposed to be called in and the pharmacy knew nothing about it. Oh the fun…it just never stops! LOL Sometimes you just have to laugh! Well, to make a very long story very short, the mess got squared away and we now have two on anti-biotics and we are all adjusting to life with Ben.

Away for a few days with good reason

I’ve been away for a bit here and haven’t had many updates lately, but with good reason. I lost the race with our arriving child. The race was to see if I could get the bathroom remodel complete (at least functional) before he arrived. I had it figured out so the bathroom was scheduled to be funcational by Thanksgiving. I had the plan all mapped out (he however didn’t share with me he was coming earlier than expected! LOL)

Benton (Ben) Alfred Janssen arrived 11/16/07 at 2:36 am. He was 7 pounds, 13.6 oz and 19.5 inches when he joined us. He is healthy and doing VERY well and Mommy is doing well too. His siblings have been thrilled and went to see him at the hospital Friday after school. They then went home with Grandma and Grandpa and will return home today.

I’m still making at attempt to have the bathroom funcational by Thanksgiving, however it’s going to be a push with this schedule change (however it’s worth every second of it!)

Not long now

We’re getting in the home stretch until “Flash” joins the family here. Should be within the next few weeks. Everyone is so excited (especially Jaclyn). The boys are excited, but also typical boys in being excited but then moving onto the next adventure. It of course means that I’m frantically trying to finish the bathroom that is supposed to be finished pre-Flash.

We did however take a few minutes to snap a few photos that we don’t get a chance to take everyday.

Interesting few days

It’s been an interesting few days here around the Janssen household. Yesterday, while I was laying awake in bed (boy I dislike this timechange) we lost power around 5:30 am. When I got up and called it in the power company stated they thought it should be back by noon. Well, long story short, the kids got an unexpected day off of school so they stayed home. Robert was going to be held home anyway as he needed to go see the doctor, and it ended up being Bronchitis. So he’s on meds. I took the opportunity to get some help with the bathroom project. After two trips to the hardware store, we finally got the holes and everything else ready for the plumbing to go in. Hopefully that plumbing will go in within the next few days and we’ll be off and rolling toward completion. You just gotta love the surprises that come with remodeling! LOL Otherwise all is well here. The race is on to try and get the bathroom finished before the baby arrives in a few weeks.

Halloween 2007

Perhaps Robert captured the evening best when on the way to bed he stated – “Well, another Halloween successfully completed.” A good time was had by all even though it turned out to be a busy day for everyone. With three kids having parties at school (Jo helping out with one of course), Trick or Treating and then off to the dress up night at Awana (church children’s group) while I ran to Lowes after more bathroom supplies. Like usual we all dressed up for trick or treating and found that since we had to go early due to Awana, trick or treating in the daylight wasn’t so bad and actually had some advantages.

First Post

Well, I’ve been thinking of this for quite a while now. Some way for folks to keep up with what is going on with us. I guess I always just figured who would really want to keep up anyway, but now have realized there probably are family and friends that would like to hear of some of the tidbits of our lives. So, it’s time to bite the bullet. With our bathroom remodeling project going on and the family addition on the way, I figured now was as good of time as any. So, here it is! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as we’ll enjoy posting.