Interesting few days

It’s been an interesting few days here around the Janssen household. Yesterday, while I was laying awake in bed (boy I dislike this timechange) we lost power around 5:30 am. When I got up and called it in the power company stated they thought it should be back by noon. Well, long story short, the kids got an unexpected day off of school so they stayed home. Robert was going to be held home anyway as he needed to go see the doctor, and it ended up being Bronchitis. So he’s on meds. I took the opportunity to get some help with the bathroom project. After two trips to the hardware store, we finally got the holes and everything else ready for the plumbing to go in. Hopefully that plumbing will go in within the next few days and we’ll be off and rolling toward completion. You just gotta love the surprises that come with remodeling! LOL Otherwise all is well here. The race is on to try and get the bathroom finished before the baby arrives in a few weeks.

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