It’s Official….call me Principal

It’s official and has been in the press, so I guess it’s time to share it to the folks here as well. I have been offered a position (and accepted) as 7-12 principal at Spoon River Valley school district. It’s the neighboring school district to the east. This was a major factor in the decision as this will allow us to stay in the home and community we are in and the kids will be able to stay in the same school with the friends they have. It’s a win-win situation. The kids are slowly getting used to the idea of Dad not being in the same district they are, but they are adjusting. The school is a school a little larger than Avon (very similar in size to Pearl City actually). The superintendent is also coming in new, so hopefully we can build things together.

One thought on “It’s Official….call me Principal”

  1. Hello Chris! I am going to call myself “Anon” here but I as well as the rest of my Spoon River Valley Senior Class, wish you the best in coming to our school! A few of us have been eager to find out who our principal is and our superintendent and we wish you both the best! It is our classes last year at Valley so we wish to have alot of great memmories!
    Hope We all have a Great year!

    P.S. Congrats on the birth of your son!

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