Post-Inauguration Patriotism

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Inauguration day has come and gone and President Trump has begun naming his advisers. As with any changing of the helm, there are those who are excited about the future, and those who are less than pleased. I’ve even heard a few die-hard anti-Trumpsters proclaim, “I hope he fails!”

This is beyond the realm of comprehension for me. Why on Earth would any American actually hope our President fails? Why can’t people seem to understand that if he fails, we as a nation fail?

True, we have many issues as a nation: corrupt government, debt, poverty, homelessness, only to name a few, but how would any of that be solved by a President who fails?

I recently read another opinion on this matter, which supports my position: Wishing failure upon our President is the same as hoping the pilot of our flight will crash; we will all burn in the aftermath.

Can any American truly say they wish for the demise of our country as a whole? I certainly hope not. If that is the case, I would think a reality check in terms of where they call home is in order.

Regardless of whether we completely agree or support the choices of our President, the time is now to come together for the good our nation. Our future is riding on it. Our children’s future is riding on it.

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