Necessaries vs. Importants

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Catching up and sharing from the files of my ramblings. This particular set is from September 21, 2015.


So many times in life we get busy with all the “have to’s” that we simply run out of time for the “want to’s”. If we’re not careful, our “necessaries” can begin to push away our “importants”. A friend mentioned “importants” to me one time many years ago and it took me a while to digest it all, but once I could work through what that meant in my heart and mind, I couldn’t ever forget it.
My work is necessary. My deadlines are necessary. There are certain things I have to do with my job every week for me to be able to keep up with things there. These are necessary. But my family – they are important. I won’t get fired as wife and mom if I don’t take the time to snuggle with my family tonight. We will all live to see another day if we don’t share laughter and one-on-one time with each of our kids at some point this week, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be done. I need that snuggle time, laughter and connection with each member of my family.
The varied ages and interests of our children necessitates variety and flexibility. For one child, it may mean sitting down to an intense game of Stratego, for another, a simple though no less intense round of Go Fish! Another child may only need session of roughhouse wrestling, while another just needs a good belly laugh from tickling and bear hugs. The other opens up during shared time in the kitchen. Each child is different. These are not difficult moments, but it takes time. If I’m not careful, I can get wrapped up in my list of necessaries and overlook the ticking of the clock until it’s nearly bedtime. It’s then that I realize what a treasure I’ve missed with my kids. And I promise myself again and again that it won’t happen again, but this is life and we are human. We make mistakes and thankfully, we do grace and forgiveness in our house. We do love and laughter. We do do-overs. We do life.
My challenge this week and every week is to remember to focus on my “importants” at least as much as my “necessaries”.

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