A Country Baptism

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Catching up and sharing from the files of my ramblings. This particular set is from September 14, 2015.


Sunday is typically family day for us. We do all we can to keep that as a constant, but as our children grow and are more active in their schools and communities, it becomes more difficult. We’re also finding that as the children grow and mature, they develop close friendships and make plans to spend time with those they don’t see in school (ie: church friends) on the weekends. We’ve begun to joke in our home that we share custody of our oldest son with another family from our church as the two boys are often together over the weekends since they attend different schools.

This past weekend, we were able to enjoy a rural worship service with our church family (ie: all the kids together) at the side of a pond, complete with live music performed from a floating dock, and the testimonies of more than a dozen people who had answered the call to be baptized. This is always such a touching time as we listen to the stories of those who are about to be baptized, ranging in age from elementary up through long since any school days. It’s a time to reflect on our own stories and rejoice with those who are stepping out in faith.
As I sat with my family on the hillside, soaking up the warm September sun and the chill of a morning breeze, our spectrum son snuggled up to me, pointed to those in the lake and said, “Mommy, I like that.”
Truly, I think that he meant “I like to be in the water.” as he absolutely loves to go swimming, but at that moment, no words could have been more perfect. As most Ben comments do, it got me thinking, wondering if he really understood what was happening, why people were going into the lake fully dressed, just to be tipped under water and then brought back up. I wondered if he understood the statement they were making, the commitment to live like they never have before marking the transformation that had taken place in their hearts.
I can’t speak for my son and what his understanding that morning was, but I know that his maker loves him just as much, no, even more than I could ever imagine, and I’m so thankful that we live in a community which will continue to rally around him, teaching, doing, leading and loving him every step of his journey.

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