I’m Back … for now anyway

New Entry from Jody’s Spectrum Scene Blog:

Life has taken some unexpected turns over the last couple of years. HA! I have to laugh – isn’t that the understatement of the year? And I have to think it’s not just true for me and my family, it’s just life in general. Sometimes, things we enjoy and think we will never give up simply have to be put on the back burner because there are other things which need our attention. “Important” and “urgent” can come to define, even dictate what gets our attention, and sadly, this blog is often one of the first to go.

While I continue to write, those thoughts don’t always make it here. I want to say, “I’m sorry, ” but I really can’t do that in good conscience because it is a choice that I make based on where my family needs me most. Here, thespectrumscene, hasn’t been the answer to that of late and I’m okay with that because while I haven’t been “here,” I’ve been “there.” There is where my family has needed me. There has covered many miles, included countless bleacher seats cheering on our middle set, involved more sets of clues and puzzles than the mind can imagine while playing with our littles, and even some deep discussions while walking the path with our oldest. I wouldn’t trade these moments for life itself. This is who I am, who God made me to be, and I am thankful that while I am “there,” thespectrumscene remains “here” as my outlet for sharing my thoughts and our experiences not just as a spectrum mom, but as a mom; not just as a spectrum family, but rather as a family.

I can’t promise that entries will be regular forever, but I can promise that while I’m there, I’m thinking of here, and when the day allows, I’ll visit to share the joys and struggles, the ups and downs, and all that makes our family us. I hope that our experiences will encourage other spectrum families and remind everyone that regardless of the challenges, there are perfect moments in every day, even the ones we really have to search for them.

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