Wow! Spring has been a whirlwind!

Based on the length since our last entry, things have been very busy around here and that sure is the truth. We’ve finally made it through all the busy school spring sports, the awards nights, the promotions and graduations. Amid all that we found ourselves thrown into the thrawls of summer baseball/softball season. The kids finally finish up school tomorrow, so that will make all the schedules a little easier as they won’t have to rise at 6:40 for a few months.

Summer softball/baseball will certainly keep us all busy again this year. It is so good to see the kids enjoy it so much. Robert’s team is based out of Avon (surprise to many of us due to numbers) but they did have to recruit a few players from the neighboring towns. Thomas’s team is based out of Bushnell, although a good share of the team is from Avon, the coaches are from Avon and the sponsor is from Avon. They are splitting practices between the towns but his home games are in Bushnell. (It’s really not bad at all as it is close.) Jaclyn is actually playing on a team that is all Avon kids and based on Avon! 🙂 Ben and Ali often go along for the ride and are quickly getting used to the long rides and entertaining all of us in the stands.

I’ll be finishing up my school year officially next week, but have a few workshops and meetings through the rest of the month. We are planning a few trips this summer primarily for family visits and always look forward to this time. Most of all we look forward to this wonderful time of year when we get to spend more time together as a family.

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