We Survived the Blizzard of 2011!

Yes, it’s been quite some times since experiencing a blizzard as we did over the last 24 hours here.  All the local schools had cancelled school yesterday morning with the anticipation of the blizzard coming.  Almost everyone was questioning that decision into mid-morning as the snow flurries started, but nothing amounting to much at that point.  However, around mid-day, things got wild and crazy when the snow started falling and the wind started blowing!  It was a storm unlike we’ve seen for many years!  By the time is was all said and done earlier today, we had around 18 inches of snow here and it had drifted unbelievably.  There were many open field areas with absolutely no snow left, while drifts of 4 to 5 feet high were not unusual. 

Yesterday before the storm Tinker had slipped out of her pen while I was getting her more bedding, and she had no intentions of going back in.  During the storm she sat in the yard with her back to the wind just watching.  Last night she came to the door of the house and had obviously had enough.  I couldn’t figure out why she didn’t just go back in her open pen.  However, after I went out to help her I soon figured out that the reason was she probably had a hard time getting back in with the high drifts.

The great thing was that the weather today was unusually pleasant.  The kids all went out this morning and had a ball playing in the snow and even let Tinker out again for some fun and games.  They then went out again this afternoon as I was working on clearing the snow from the drive.  Due to the generosity of the farmer that farms the ground around us lending us his tractor, Ben and I were able to clear the snow from the drive at least enough to be able to get the truck out if I have to for emergencies tonight or tomorrow.  We’ve already cancelled school for tomorrow and that will make snow day number 3 for this storm.  That will give me another chance to clear more snow and prepare for any other storms we have coming this year. 

Ben gave some great help in the tractor today.  He even tore himself away from a movie at the opportunity to ride in the tractor (and those of you that know him know how big of a statement that is!).  He was very quiet for the first hour or so just sitting and enjoying the ride, but then started talking away about the big snow.  He really enjoyed his time in the tractor.  The big kids had a ball playing in the snow, digging tunnels and sledding.  The forecast for tomorrow doesn’t sound as enjoyable as they are calling for sub-zero windchills.

Other news around the Janssen ranch?  Well, we’ve been fighting the same illness as many around the areas.  The colds, fevers and flu; although we haven’t been hit very bad at all.  Jody and I spend our time working and trying to keep up with the kids, especially the big three.  Robert is gearing up to get busy with scholastic bowl again this year, and continues to enjoy Church Youth Group.  Thomas is still enjoying scouts immensly and this year managed to get second in the pinewood derby.  Jaclyn is also continuing to enjoy scouts.  All three of them enjoyed weekend retreats out at Bible camp in January (although Robert did come home early not feeling well).  They are all doing well in school again, but we all are anxiously awaiting as school reorganization continues to be discussed.  Our family time continues to be valued time, but something we don’t get near enough of these days.

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