Thomas takes an interest

Big news this morning…Thomas has taken an interest in Ben. Now I know that shouldn’t be a big deal, but the reality is up to this point he’s been pretty indifferent about the whole situation. Robert has been even more excited than I expected (let’s face it, the last time we brough home a baby was the twins and that was the time he had a complete fit because we had to switch vehicles in order to bring them home!) Jaclyn…well, she was excited and waiting for this day since the day she was born I’m convinced. However, this morning it was Thomas that came up and requested to hold Ben. Up to this point, whenever he was asked if he wanted to hold Ben, the response was always a quick and emphatic NO. However, this morning he requested. Then later this morning the argument ensued as to who was going to sit closest to Ben during church. (Perhaps his indifference was a blessing in disguise? LOL) Everyone is quickly adjusting and really enjoying the new addition to our family.

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