Church provides WONDERFUL food and a cultural experience!

Our church family really stepped up and helped out with the arrival of Ben. We’ve been eating great meals all week. Part of the excitement for the kids as the week went on was who is bringing supper tonight. The kids enjoyed seeing who was bringing supper and even what they were bringing to share with us each night.

The end of the wonderful week actually brought a surprise experience for us all. A thoughtful church family came by with Chinese for supper on Saturday evening. I have to admit it’s not something I would think to take a family like ours with young children, but it turned out to be a wonderful meal and even a cultural experience. This was the first experience for our kids attempting to eat with chop sticks. It was a riot! We all enjoyed the experience. They tried their darndest and made them work.

A HUGE thank you to all of the Checkrow Church family for providing such a wonderful service and huge help to us this week. It was a wonderful lesson in learning what giving means and a cultural experience as a bonus!

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